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11th JanSad News

Mike Elliott

It is with much sadness that we report news of the death of Mike Elliott. Mike was a true club and county stalwart and was a major influence on how the Sheffield Hockey Club looks and operates today. He passed away peacefully in his sleep aged 83 in December. He leaves a wife Pauline , children and grandchildren

Mike joined S.H.C. in 1960 playing left half in the 1st XI , playing for Yorkshire in 1963. He was captain of the 1st XI 1963/66 and 1969/71. He finished playing in 1976 and was Fixtures Secretary taking over from Gordon Hall in 1964 until he handed over to Roger Lomas in 1973.

The turning point in his later hockey career was a telephone call in 1974 from Yorkshire asking him to take over, at short notice, as Chairman of Selectors working with David Higham and Norman Hughes raising the profile of Yorkshire Hockey and laying the foundations for later success The appointment prompted him to take a coaching course (to learn about the game!) and coaching then became very much part of his life. He was Yorkshire President from 1986 -1988.

At the Club he took over Junior Coaching responsibilities and was Club Coach between 1982 and 1990, and was official Junior Organiser from 1991 to 1999.

Working with Andy Tapley, he assisted with the design, contract, laying and marketing of the first synthetic surface at Abbeydale in 1989, the first club pitch of this kind in the county.

He was assistant to Steve Catton in managing the World Student Games' Hockey competition in Sheffield in 1991, (won by G.B.) and the photo is from that era.

His contribution to hockey was recognised with the Hockey Association Award of Merit, Services to the Game at National Level, 1992, and English Hockey Certificate of Thanks for Outstanding Contribution to the Game 1998.

Andy Tapley added his own commemoration; “Mike's love of hockey was infectious and he was a very positive influence on a range of SHC 1st XI Captains (not least myself !,) , the county team and countless youngsters who have gone on to have an enjoyable life in hockey.

Thanks for all you've done for SHC and Yorkshire Mike. You've left a wonderful legacy.

7th JanSad News : John Land

We are sorry to advise that John Land has died.
John had been suffering with motor neurone disease for the past four years and his condition deteriorated over the weekend. He passed away peacefully with his wife Julie holding his hand. All a bit sudden but for the best as he will not suffer any more. He decided to hang around for Christmas. Nice that he did things on his own terms!.

John did a lot of work for hockey over many years , particularly for the North , England LX and Sunderland. There was a great occasion to mark his 80th birthday with a celebration game and lunch in Durham in 2018 where John was able to make an emotional speech.
John was an exceptional athlete , very quick and a rare breed in that he played for England and Great Britain in the 1960s, playing in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, when most hockey internationals came from the south. He rediscovered hockey later in life when he started playing over 60s when he thought his hockey career was over. He played for England at age group levels winning gold medals at O60 , O65 and O70 levels and played in the first ever team international O75 against Holland in 2015.

John was instrumental in creating the opportunity and promoting O60s hockey in the North and his work means the North now run sides at O60 , O65 , O70 level in the regional tournaments (having won gold at O65 and O70 level) and he was the first north regional representative for the England LX club bringing many North players into international grand masters hockey.

He was President of the North Hockey association in 2006 and helped develop the organisation for all levels of hockey in the North.

John was one of life’s gentlemen , a gifted player with a keen will to win and will be missed by all who knew him.

John leaves his wife Julie who has been his carer for last few years , sons Keith and Nigel ,daughter Sheena , their partners and six grandchildren and our condolences and best wishes go to them.
You can send emails to or the address for any cards is 19 Bywell Road, Cleadon Village, Near Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, SR6 7QT. If you are emailing, would you be kind enough to copy in Nigel is in Australia and it would be nice if he receives any wishes too.”

3rd Dec (2020)Impact of Local Restriction Tiers on return of hockey from 2 December

Following on from the government update for sport issued on the evening of 1 December, England Hockey can now confirm details for clubs, players, officials and associations.
In general terms the news is positive that clubs will be able to train and play matches, however there are now significant challenges related to travel that are likely to interrupt adult league activity.
The revised Tiers set out by government are more restrictive than the ones introduced in October. A key change announced relates to travel arrangements in Tier 2, where car sharing is now not allowed outside of your household or bubble and will apply to adult teams travelling for hockey.
For clubs in Tier 3, training and matches can take place but only for players and teams within the same Tier 3 Area. The same restrictions on car sharing apply as in Tier 2. Clubs are encouraged to welcome players that cannot access their usual club due to the restrictions.
The key changes are as follows:
Junior (under 18) and disability hockey has exemption and can continue across all Tiers. Cars can be shared if necessary as long as safer travel guidance is followed. Volunteers supporting junior hockey can travel.
Adult hockey is more restricted, as below:
Adult hockey in Tier 3:
• Players can only travel within their Tier 3 area to reach their club or to play matches within the same Tier 3 Area.
• Players that are members of Tier 1 or 2 clubs cannot leave the Tier 3 area to get to their club.
Adult hockey in Tier 2:
• Training and matches can take place.
• Car sharing is not permitted, meaning that teams must travel individually or in households/bubbles to matches.
Adult hockey in Tier 1:
• Training and matches can take place.
• Car sharing is allowed if following government safer travel guidance.
For further information, please see link:

... Link
28th Oct (2020)Tribute to John Marshall (updated)

It is a sad to report that John Marshall a lifelong supporter of Yorkshire and Doncaster Hockey Club has passed away.
I along with many others am proud to have called John a friend and he was always someone you wanted to see in his beloved Doncaster , Yorkshire events and at many dinners. He has created some fantastic memories for all who knew him and was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. I can do no better than the two notes from Andy Tapley and Ian Watson below.
The tribute from Tim Hawkins you can find on the Doncaster website gives some more insight to the wonderful man he was. Roger Lomas
John Marshall represented the very best of hockey friendships. One of those people who you have known for most of your hockey “life”; you only see each other occasionally but whenever you meet up it only seems a matter of days since you last spoke and laughed about countless experiences.
It is difficult to recount the majority of stories as excess alcohol somehow seemed to be involved, often unintentionally! John was the most generous of men in word and deed. He was the first to put his hand in his pocket at the bar and it was a real challenge to buy him a drink and he was also generous in his compliments if you had played well and managed to win a match against his beloved Doncaster.
It was such a privilege to be part of the group that watched Yorkshire win the County Championship for the first time at Willesden, London and with John as the Yorkshire President I am sure it would count as one of his favourite hockey memories . I think the fact that we went to 3 penalty shoot outs to win turned John’s hair white in one day , although I doubt very much that he remembered any of the night of celebrations.
You always knew when John was in a venue with that distinctive voice and laugh. I, along with many, many hockey players and officials, will miss the joy of his company the fun and the laughter. He represented the very best in the social aspects of our sport beyond the intensity of club and county rivalries, although you would never forget which colour rose he supported !
Rest in peace John, the memories will last a lifetime.
Andy Tapley
John was one of the great names of Yorkshire Hockey . I had the honour to know John over many years. He was a real gentleman. Wise but self-effacing. A lovely man to know.
He was on the county committee for ever it seemed and was the Match Secretary for many years in the 80’s. He became President from 1982-84.
When the County Championship was one of the most important annual event and selection to higher levels could be achieved from it. John was always about. He was the first Yorkshire President to win the County Championship at Wilsden in 1984 , two years before the World cup was held there in 1986.
A few of the Past Presidents formed a group (The Last of the Summer Wine gang) to follow Yorkshire to Kent and other counties and also enjoy weekends away. One year we travelled down to Kent to watch the match only to get there as the players were coming off the pitch. No one had told us that the times had been changed. I remember at a T20 cricket match at Abbeydale when the Last of the Summer Wine had a table. We were worried that John would be no longer with us and we carried him out, but it wasn’t drink but excitement that caused the problem.
What memories!!
Ian Watson

22nd Oct (2020)Spectators at the Armitage Centre

The UoM have updated their Guidance for Spectators at the Armitage Centre. Please see link:

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14th Oct (2020)NHL East/West Split 2020-21

The North Executive met last night to discuss the proposal to combine the teams in the Premier Division and Division 1 and then split them East and West of the Pennines. Both Anne Bryant and I took part in the meeting, although in an advisory capacity.

The meeting had been delayed by 24 hours in anticipation of the Prime Minister's statement on the introduction of a 3 tier lock down system although, at the moment, the detail of impact on sporting activities is still awaited from DCMS.

EH is currently working through the latest Government announcements outlining restrictions in different areas of the country. EH anticipates more detailed information from DCMS in the coming days and at that point EH will consider the detail of each level restriction and understand the specific impact on hockey.

In reaching a decision the Exec took into account the significant work that clubs have put in so far to reach a position where playing competitive hockey is possible within the current EH Return to play Covid-19 regulations. It had been suggested that the North Hockey League should be suspended until the New Year, but this was discounted due to the perceived adverse impact on both player physical and mental well being if the league was suspended, as well as the potential impact on clubs. In addition, there is no guarantee that the Covid situation will have changed by the New Year, whilst historically, February and March are the months most impacted by adverse weather conditions.

The Exec noted that although it was a close call, the clubs had voted by 25 to 22 in favour of the split of the league. One club had effectively abstained as the players were split down the middle for and against the split.

The Exec felt that they have a clear duty of care to respond to the numerous concerns raised by a number of clubs about travel, made to EH, the North HA, the North Hockey League and the EH Relationship Managers, particularly when changing and/or shower facilities are not always available.

After a long and detailed discussion, the Executive decided to combine both the men's and women's Premier League and Division 1 and then split them East and West with immediate effect, creating a single division on either side of the Pennines. A document showing the composition of the new leagues is attached.

The decision means that there will be a significant reduction in travel across the North and reflects Government guidelines currently in place in much of the North to reduce unnecessary travel. It should also have an impact on the increased travel costs being incurred by clubs as fewer players share a car.

The Exec confirmed that the results of games already played against teams in your new divisions will stand, as will the result of any similar games played before the new programme is implemented.

Chris Darling is already working on a revised set of fixtures and although this will inevitably take a little time to complete, Chris is hoping to complete this exercise in time to notify clubs late next week and to start the new fixtures from 31 October. The new league format will be based on all teams playing each other once and then splitting the league with the top 6 teams and bottom 5 (West) or 7 (East) in each league, playing each other again. As already confirmed by EH, the top 6 in each league will be playing for a single promotion place available from each of the new divisions into the expanded EH North Conferences.

This decision will have no impact on the current NHL divisions 2 and 3.

Best Regards


Please link for Division One East & West (Men's and Women's)

... Link
11th Dec (2018)Urinating at the side of a hockey pitch.

We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH ‘Respect – Code of Ethics and Behaviour’ – Disrepute Offence, not to mention in some cases a criminal offence. We expect all members to refrain from such behaviour. However, in the event of such incidences, in keeping with the revised Disrepute Complaint Regulations, we kindly ask that these be referred to EH as a Disrepute Complaint in the first instance. It is likely that offenders will face a suspension.
If you have any queries on this, Please contact England Hockey

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